Add One-Click Trust Widgets to any eCommerce Website

Instantly upgrade your store with transparent shipping, returns,
and payment
 information on any page.

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Introducing, Trust Metrics

Accurate shipping estimates

Convert the 20% of shoppers who abandon purchases due to unclear shipping information. 

Clear shipping, returns, and payments info.

Allow shoppers to see important store information without leaving the product page (great for mobile!)

Verified trust metrics

Deliver a truly marketplace-grade precedent for trust on your own eCommerce website

Upfront delivery estimates

Offer shoppers the expected delivery date down to the day of the week. Simply define your average delivery time and the rest is taken care of for you. 

Verified website security

Display your available payment options with ease. Shoppers gain peace of mind knowing our widget only displays on websites secured with SSL encryption.

Full transparency

If additional terms apply for your advertised delivery dates or your shipping carrier is experiencing delays, easily include that information in a convenient popup.

Conversion optimized

Summarize return and refund policies on a single line. Include the fine print in a convenient popup that keeps users directly on the product page.

Fully customizable

Comes with 3 layout styles to choose from. You can also hide parts of the app from displaying at all (such as shipping info for digital products).

Beautifully responsive

We take pride in providing impressive app-like user experiences that rival the biggest brands. 

(Super) easy to use

No coding knowledge needed. Our intuitive dashboard with drag-and-drop functionality enables you to customize the widget any way you’d like.

Custom CSS

You can use the custom CSS editor to get even more creative control over the the look and feel of the Trust Metrics widget. 

Embed anywhere

Easily embed Trust Metrics on any websites by copying a single line of code.

Using WooCommerce?  Our plugin lets you add Trust Metrics to products automatically.


Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect is a first of it’s kind hosted and “headless” checkout system. Unlike traditional plugins, ours actually creates a new page in WordPress and automatically embeds our hosted checkout experience directly onto it. The plugin then sets this new page as the checkout page in your WooCommerce settings.

Perfect does not modify your existing checkout page or modify any files on your website except to create a brand new standard WordPress page named “Perfect Checkout” which you can see in WordPress > Pages. Disabling the plugin will completely remove Perfect and revert your checkout back to the exact same setup you had before installing our plugin.

No, but hear us out: You can add your own logo, brand colors, and legal links directly in our solution. Multiple studies prove that including navigation and other distracting elements on your checkout page actually hurts your conversion rates - this is why every Shopify store, sites like, and the majority of ecommerce sites exclude headers/footers. Having a completely clean page to embed our solution onto also guarantees you get pixel perfect UI and rock solid UX on every single store - regardless of theme or page builder used. Please take our word on this one 🙂

Even with custom development, there are actual limitations in what you can modify in Woo’s PHP templates - not to mention the endless problems with payment plugin vulnerabilities, bugs, and a host of other issues that simply cost you money and leave your customers questioning your stores integrity.

There is so much WooCommerce is already great at handling - we just thought the checkout handling could use an upgrade: Use Perfect to take advantage of all woocommerce has to offer while upgrading your front end experience, payments, and security to a fully enterprise standard.

Perfect currently works with Stripe, Square, PayPal, and PayPal Business. We also support payment wallets such as Gpay that are offered through such payment processors. We’re hard at work adding support for Afterpay, Klarna, and a long list of other payment solutions.

Absolutely! Our intelligent API will pick up all of your standard woocommerce settings out of the box. Changes made to shipping, coupons, and tax in your woocommerce settings section will reflect in real time on your new checkout - pretty nifty if you ask us 🙂

Most likely! It seems every hosted checkout solution tries to re-invent things like shipping, coupons, and tax settings that you probably already spent a lot of time setting up. We know that as you grow, your store often requires more advanced plugins to handle things like advanced shipping rates or discounts. Luckily, our API is extremely good at picking up these additional plugin settings and works with the majority of them. We encourage you to try the demo and let us know if you need support for a specific plugin that doesn’t work as expected.

Add Trust Metrics to your website today

Instantly upgrade your store with improved shipping, returns, and payment info clearly displayed on every product page.